Batavia (or Kota Tua Jakarta)

On day 2 of our trip trough Indonesia we decided to go and have a look at the old city of Jakarta, known as Batavia in former days. During colonial times Batavia was the main port for the Dutch and while Jakarta does not really have a city center, the old Batavia is still quite recognizable as the old colonial town. Taking a taxi from our hotel in Mangga Dua immediately proved the fact that one always has to be carefull about taxi’s and prices. While the cabdriver from Bluebird taxi, which is in general the most reliable cab company in Indonesia, did nothing wrong regarding the taximeter or price, we later found out that the route he drove from our hotel to  Kota Tua Jakarta ( Old Batavia ) was certainly not the shortest one!

When getting out of the taxi at Jalan Pasar Ikan ( Fishmarket Rd. ) the pungent smell of the market immediately hits, it’s quite clear that the fishmarket can not be far away. It’s by the way not only fish being sold at this market, just about anything you can find there.

Chicken being slaughtered on the market

Boys playing billiards in the housing area around Jl. Pasar Ikan

Kids in the slums around the Fishmarket

Having fun with the “Belanda” photographer.

A game of chess can be played everywhere and anywhere! Some prefer a nap.

It’s not untill later, when taking a taxi back to our hotel, that we find that our morning cabdriver took the “long way into town”. The trip back was at least half shorter !!


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