By bus to Bandung

As said, from Bogor we travelled by bus to Bandung. I more or less expected that this bus would take a direct route via Cianjur, over the mountains to Bandung. However soon after departure i found that this was not the case. This bus was actually going back in the direction of Jakarta ( where we came from a few days earlier ) and from there to Bandung.  Too bad, as this was quite a boring trip. Just highway all the way !

Guiding the bus over the busy terminal to its departure point.

After arriving to the busterminal in Bandung, which is just as busy and warm as any other busstation in Indonesia, we very fast learn to negotiate a taxi-price to our hotel just in the city-center, close to the railway station. The Arion Swiss Belhotel Bandung which we booked trough ( as just about all our hotel reservations ) turns out to be a golden choice. We booked this **** stars hotel for an absolute bottom price of € 50.00 !

Later in the evening we take a stroll trough the Bandung city center, where in Braga Street we find many traces of Dutch history.

Loving Capuccino’s in Braga Street.

Nightly dinner in Bandung.

In Bandung we went to the railway station, trying to reserve tickets for the Argo Willis train to Jogjakarta, however at the station we were told that the train was sold out. When we asked at our hotel desk later, they were able to get us the tickets we wanted without any problem!  Things are not allways what they seem here in Indonesia ! 8-)) departure tomorrow-morning 07.00 !! ( ouch, that’s early! )




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