Jogja(karta) and the Borobudur

As i told you yesterday, the traintrip to Jogja (…… locals tend to leave the karta away when they speak about this city)  went without a rimple, we enjoyed the landscape from a steady rolling train and arrived on schedule.  Arriving to these cities usually means quite a hassle as everyone wants to sell you something, so we though it would be better to just walk away from the station and then look for a taxi to take us to our hotel near the Borobudur. So we did,  in the searing heath, only to find out that at some distance from the station there was not a single taxi in sight. So, back to the station, to find that there was a taxi desk there which arranged transport after a bit of negotiating for a  price of 200.000 rupiah. All together not really much ( 16-17 €) if you consider the 42km’s ( or 1 hr ) distance.

Trough we had reserved a very nice hotel Rumah Boedi in the small town of Wanurejo, which is just 2 km’s away from the Borobudur. This was all important as we wanted to visit the temple in the very early morning hours during dawn. The people at Rumah Boedi very nicely arranged us a Becak ( sort of riksja with a motor ) which picked us up at 05.00 while all was still dark. The visit at this early time is very pleasant due to the fact that the temperature is very nice, and the amount of visitors is clearly a lot less then during the day. Only,  this has its price !  entrance for this dawn visit is more then € 70.00 for 2 persons, while the entrance fee at normal times is far lower.

Not the most beautiful sunrise, but still impressive!

On the moment suprème the sun peeks trough the clouds.

To worship Buddha modern way.


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