US aid between Yogja and Malang

After our visit to Borobudur we decide to continue our travel towards Malang. A trip which we expect to take aproximately 10 hours by private car with driver. The idea of hiring and selfdrive in Indonesia is something i have left for what is allready soon after arriving to Indonesia, traffic is such ( and on the wrong side of the road ) that i prefer not to risk my life.  Along the road you can see all kinds of stalls where one can buy and enjoy food, eating seems to be one of the Indonesians most preferred pastime.

Eating under cover of US AID

Too large for this bike? People transport just about everything on their scooters.

With our driver Iwan on the road between Yogja and Malang.

Our driver Iwan drove us from Yogja to Malang in about 10 hours, a most pleasant trip. I felt sorry for him he still had to drive the whole way back to Yogja, and i urged him to take a proper rest before doing so.

If you ever happen to need a car and driver, don’t hesitate to contact him either trough the Rumah Boedi hotel or call him direct at (+62) 085643097801


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