The Ekonomi from Malang to Banyuwangi

From Malang we want to travel to Banyuwangi, which is close to Ketapang from where the ferries leave for Bali. When arriving we see a bus which is just about to depart. Little we know about the fact that this is a so called Ekonomi bus. This means that it does not drive the shortest route and it does not have any airconditioning. Where we expect the trip to take about 5 hours, this turns out to be 10 hours. And long hours they were !!  Interesting hours for shure, as this is the way to see how the local people travel.

Selling food on the bus

On just about every stop people enter the bus who are selling all kinds of foods and drinks.

And the next one

The younger passengers, very interested in those “white travellers”

Also there are lots of them who bring a guitar and in this way take care of some entertainment. Make shure you carry lots of small change as every artist before leaving the bus will come by for a small donation. In some cases one gladly pays to get rid of the noise. 8-))

“Inflight” entertainment

More then 10 hours after departure from Malang we arrive to Banyuwangi, and in a hotel we can wash the grease and dirt away, to finally go for a beer and some food.


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