Again a Year has Gone


The beginning of the year was not very good. My brother died, too young, of that terrible decease cancer. He was only 54


February came with cold. Here in Holland everyone immediately started having fantasies about the “elfstedentocht” skating marathon.

Winter in Flevoland 2012

The skating marathon however did not come. We made a trip to Ara Güler’s Istanbul, a fabulous city !!

Uitkijken over de Bosporus vanaf Kadiköy

Before we knew it the cold had gone, and spring was on our heels. The first tulips were blooming before we even noticed it.

Eerste tulpen in bloei

May was very wet again, cosey under Mother’s umbrella !

Straat in , wandelen in de regen

June came, and so the European Championships. And before we knew it was over. What a deception, we counted on champions


In july coach Meindert van der Veen got angry, to no avail, the Dutch Basketbal – women did not qualify.


August brought car trouble. A recently aquired Ford Focus went back to the dealer and was replaced by another brand

Auto op transport naar de dealer wegens brandstofproblemen

In september we made a 3 weeks tour trough Indonesia, ( Java and Bali ) Many impressions many people and many volcanos !


Back to work in October, shooting the progress in building at the Windpark Noordoostpolder

Voortgang constructie SVV

November saw the first Autumn storm raging over Holland. DFDS ferries having problems while trying to dock in IJmuiden.

DFDS ferry Seaway Princess heeft sleepboot hulp nodig bij het aanmeren in IJmuiden.

And a sad way to end the year,  linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen was kicked to death after a junior soccer match in Almere

Flowers and messages for deceased Linesman


It was a year as usual, ups and downs and full of hopes we go into a new year once again !!

Wishing you all the best for

2013 !!


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