Courtesy Olympus Nederland

Today i ran another workshop Landscape Photography on the former island of Schokland in the NortheastPolder of Flevoland. 7 enthousiasts made it,  in spite of the very gray weather with hardly any detail in the sky, to be a very nice and fruitfull morning. The camera i used was an Olympus OM-D with the 45mm 1.8 lens, provided by Olympus Nederland !

Tracks in the Meadow

Tracks in the Meadow


4 thoughts on “Courtesy Olympus Nederland

    • Hi,

      I knew the OM-D for some time allready but this was the first time that i really took it out and worked with it.
      It’s offcourse a lot different from what i am used of, my Nikons, but i am very pleased with the performance of this little jewel !
      I think i need a little more time to really get used to it.

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