Easter Morning

I suppose we all know this, planning to do something but somehow you don’t get to doing it ?  I had something like that untill this morning. Not far from where i live, along highway A6, there’s a small patch of forrest where a lot of rapeseed is growing every spring. And every spring i want to stop there and do some shooting while there’s fine counter-light. And every spring it just does not happen. Untill this morning i woke early and found the circumstances to be just what i needed. So i packed my gear and drove down to the place, only to find that another photographer, Remmert Bolderman from Amsterdam, had beat me to the spot. No problem offcourse, there was space enough for the both of us 🙂

Rapeseed in counterlight

Rapeseed in counterlight



4 thoughts on “Easter Morning

  1. Hallo Ruud,

    Het kan zijn dat je hem al hebt, maar bij deze, we hebben het zelfde gezien deze week.

    Gr William Op 20 apr. 2014, om 12:24 heeft Ruud’s Phlog het volgende geschreven:

    > >

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