Jaywalkers in the Parking

Jay-walkers in the Parking? now you may think ,  is there anything wrong with that ?  Offcourse not,  and that is actually not at all what this is about.  After working with Nikon Camera’s for as long as i can remember ( and that is at least 35 years ! ) recently still with the D700 and D3s, i only a few days ago decided that the D3s was going to go, and be replaced by the still very new Fujifilm X-T1.  The reason…?  well, over the last few years i have more and more been getting involved in the art of Streetphotography for which the D3s definitely was not the best tool. It was not bad though, but all together quite heavy and large.

Lately i was in Paris, spending a few days on the streets, and i had with me a Panasonic Gx7, m/4:3 format camera. Very nice little camera, was it not that it takes a lot of battery power resulting in not being able to work for a full day on a single battery. At the same time i felt that the body was a bit tinyish. Then i stumbled over the new Fujifilm X-T1, fitted it with a batterypack and the new Fujinon Super EBC XF 10-24mm 1:4 OIS lens and………  TADDAAAAAAA!!    And here’s the first result !  Jaywalkers in the Parking…..

Jaywalkers in the Parking

Jaywalkers in the Parking


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