The Thimpu Tsechu Festival

Day 2 of our visit to the Land of the Thunder Dragon, as Bhutan is also called, was completely reserved to attending the Thimpu Tsechu Festival, one of the two most important mask dance festivals of the country. A more colorful happening i have never witnessed in my life, and if you ever intend to visit this beautiful country, make shure you do so during one of the festivals. To a photog this is as close as you can get to heaven on earth.  This time i will post some more photo’s as anything less will do the festival short.


A Bad Spirit

A friendly Spirit

A friendly Spirit

A Boy Monk watching the Festival

A Boy Monk watching the Festival

Receiving the King's Blessings

Receiving the King’s Blessings

If ever you would like to visit Bhutan and it’s festivals i can advise you to contact local travel agent Bhutan Century (bhutancenturytour (at)  )  they made all the arrangements for us !




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